Your Essential Packing and Moving Supplies List

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July 5, 2021
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Your Essential Packing and Moving Supplies List

While preparing for your next move, a top priority should be to ensure it is an efficient, streamlined process and that all of your belongings get from one place to the next, safely. To accomplish this and for the best results, having all the necessary packing and moving supplies on-hand will simplify the process and will help to make your move as successful as possible.

Looking to gather your moving supplies? If you aren’t sure where to start or what to get, we’ve compiled a list of the most handy, essential moving supplies and equipment you’ll need to prepare you for your next move. Items listed are available for purchase at Creative Moving and Packing LLC. Keep reading to learn more!


Boxes are essential and are used for stowing your items, ensuring all packed pieces are kept safe and organized during the moving process. 

If you’re using cardboard boxes, consider the variety of sizes needed to house each item as safely as possible. This could mean getting small, medium, large, extra-large, and wardrobe-sized boxes. Cardboard boxes are usually pretty easy to come by — consider visiting your local grocery store and asking staff if they have any boxes to give or sell. Produce boxes, as an example, are fantastic!

If plastic bins seem like the better option, you’ll still want to be sure you have the right inventory and size-range on hand. Plastic bins can usually be found for a small fee at local retailers such as Walmart, Target, IKEA, or The Home Depot (to name a few).

Bubble Wrap

To keep fragile or delicate items safe during the move, wrapping them in cushioned bubble wrap will do the trick. This list includes items that are made of glass, porcelain, ceramic, or another type of breakable material. When wrapping items, be sure to keep the bubble side facing inwards for optimal protection.

Most bubble wrap can be found at local office supply or department stores at an inexpensive price. Looking to buy online? Amazon sells different variations making it easy to select the right cushioning for your breakable pieces. Using wrap with smaller bubbles is great for wrapping items such as dishes and fragile decor, while wrap with bigger bubbles is better for keeping larger items, such as sculptures or wall art, safe.

Shrink Wrap

Plastic shrink wrap is quite possibly one of the most versatile packing items you can use during a move. When bound around important objects, it can protect from scratches, scuffs, or abrasions that might happen during the moving process. It is easy to adhere and also poses no risk of damage, as it has no adhesive backing or anything that could leave a residue behind.

Professional-grade moving wrap, another option, is extremely durable and tear-resistant, making it capable of withstanding tension. This makes it an excellent protective barrier for valuable items or furniture.

Protective Foams

Like bubble wrap, protective foam wrap is an excellent choice for protecting beloved items from the potential shock and impact that can occur during a move. Foam wrap is structurally dense yet light, making it another great way to protect items from any abrasions, scuffs, or breakages. 

Protective foam has slightly different properties than bubble wrap; it is thinner and more malleable making it a great option for layering between items or using as an underlay cushion. Foam wrap has a smooth, even surface and is great for protecting electronic items like a flat-screen TV, appliances, or items with mirrored surfaces.

Cleaning Supplies

Needless to say moving can be dirty, dusty, and all-around messy. However, keeping the process and your items as clean as possible will make your move a whole lot easier. Having a roster of cleaning supplies on hand will be essential when preparing your home – old and new – for a move.

Supplies can include glass cleaner, baking soda, dusting cloths, paper towels, furniture polish, a vacuum, mop or broom, disinfecting cleaner, and much more. In fact, the more, the better!

Let Us Help With Your Next Move

We hope this blog has provided you with the moving tips you need to ensure you have the packing and moving supplies ready for your next relocation!

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